Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition

Permanent Exhibition


The permanent exhibition is structured in several thematic spaces through four floors:


First floor

In the rooms located on the first floor, the events of 19th July 1808 are shown, on that day the French troops suffered their first defeat in open field throughout Europe, this event provided an injection of optimism and a reference for the combatants for the freedom in our country. This historical approach to the events of the War of Independence is presented in a pragmatic and visual level through a journey for those six years of struggle and the consequences that this struggle left in the Spanish territory .


Second floor


On the second floor, the visitor have access to the events in Bailén and how the battles evolved from the Spanish and French points of view. The different Napoleonic campaigns are reviewed and the strategies and composition of the french army discussed. All of this in order to put in context the intervention of the « Grande Armée » in Andalusian lands from the narrative of the expansionist policy of Napoleon Bonaparte.


Third floor

An archeological room shows a sequenced narration of the history of Bailén. The material culture from the Paleolithic, the Copper Age, the Roman Empire and the Islamic occupation show us testimonies of human evolution adapted to their historical moment and the characteristics of the landscape of Bailén.

This floor also analyzes aspects as relevant as its natural heritage, as well as its powerful pottery industry, the base of the construction sector in our country.




Dedicated to the activities of diffusion, it contains one of the greatest attractions of the museum, a model of the Battlefield, on which an audiovisual project shows the most relevant phases of the battle. This floor is completed with a didactic area for children, a conference hall and a temporary exhibitions area.