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Museographic Collection


Nowadays, the collection of the Museum of thre Battle of Bailén is composed by historical, artistic, archaeological, bibliographic and documentary objects.


It is divided into two main areas: The Battle Collection of Bailén that it includes original pieces of the struggle (armament, ammunition, buttons, coins, a large number of replicas of the period uniforms or models of the battlefield) as well as a numerous original documentation (books, engravings, cartographic maps, epistolary testimonies, battlefield plans, etc .).


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Bailén is presented as a potter land. The mud work has been part of the essence of this municipality since immemorial times. However, the globalization and the new demands of the consumers have relegate this occupation to a critical economic situation, which jeopardize to make disappear a millennial knowledge who is transmitted through generations. With the premise of trying to stop the threat of one of the characteristic features of the Bailen people, the Bailén department of Historic Heritage Crafts and Ceramics proposes the celebration of the second edition of an International Contest of Artistic Ceramics, which will help to revolutionize and keep alive the ceramic sector.

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Archeological Chart


One of the main goals of the Museum of the Battle of Bailén is the historical research. That is why, in our eagerness to bring to light the past of our locality, the realization of an Archaeological Chart has been started with the intervention of the Prehistory and Archeology Department of the University of Granada. This chart is born with the aim of develop, raise awareness and protect the rich heritage of Bailen.

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