History of the Building

History of the Building


History of the building


The current building stands on where once there was an old mansion popularly known as "Casa de los Martínez" (Martinez's House), in order to host a permanent exhibition alluding to the Battle of Bailen on July 19, 1808.


Going back to the date of the battle, a post office was located in this exact location, on the outskirts of the village and just on the edge of the Camino Real (Royal way). Given its proximity to the battlefield, it served as a Blood Hospital where the wounded soldiers was attended that day.


The architect in charge of the museum technical design was D. Rafael Ozáez Gutiérrez. He proposes a new construction formed by a basement, three floors and an attic that totalizes about 1500 square meters. The volume of the building presents an allegorical form of the "cannon" (primordial piece in the development of the battle). Also, in the outer courtyard, two large spherical domes symbolize the ammunition of this gigantic piece of artillery.


After several years of waiting, its inauguration took place on July 19, 2008, coinciding with the date of its bicentennial celebration. Throughout this time the Museum has undergone a series of remodelings and reforms, adapting and expanding its content to become a visual, interactive and original experience where you can plunge yourself in an entertaining and didactic way into the history of Bailén.